Preassembled Log Home Construction

After you select the Lincoln Log Home of your choice from one of our 46 standard models or a custom design, we then quote your cost for the log package and factory pre-assembly cost. After your approval and order, the log walls are assembled at our factory and shipped to you, ready to set on your foundation.

The advantages to our pre-assembled process include:

QUALITY ASSURANCE: Our precision factory jig assures that the walls are plumb and the insulation between the logs is properly placed.

TIME SAVING: The walls arrive on site fully assembled.

Step 1: The foundation is built according to the foundation plan sent to you for your particular log kit. You choose the type of foundation . . . a pier, concrete slab, crawl space or basement.

Step 2: Pre-assembled log walls arrive. A crane unloads each log wall and sets the wall in place on the sub floor.

Step 3: Rafters or roof trusses (not included with kit) are set and the sheathing and roofing are affixed. Your log kit is now “in the dry.” Proceed at your desired pace to finish the home.

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