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Lincoln Logs presents beautiful log home kit designs that combine beauty and durability with our exclusive “Weather-Lok Corners”. This is only one of the many innovative differences you will find in every model. Each log is perfectly machine cut to 6” x 8”, and features a routed cut at the ends for maximum beauty and protection from the weather.

Each log course is snugly joined using the “patent pending” cut shown below. Logs are machine “v” grooved on top and bottom to accommodate a 1” diameter closed cell backer rod. Two 1” x 6” wooden dowels are placed at each butt joint. Compression of the backer rod and the installation of the dowels are leading features of our homes.
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*NOTE: The “v groove” does not extend beyond the log insert cut to the end of the log. Many of our competitors run the groove to the end of the log and it subsequently becomes a trough for rain water to travel into the corner joint. Our process does not allow this to happen.
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Kit Includes: Logs, lag bolts, weatherstripping and wooden dowels

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