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CEO Message
Thank you for your interest in Lincoln Logs international. I have been in the log home business since 1977 and have seen the popularity of log homes soar. There is a “turn back the clock” psychology that most home buyers would like to experience. A log home affords them that opportunity.

Pioneers and Leaders
I am exceptionally proud of the contribution that Lincoln Log Homes has made to the log home industry. We were pioneers in advanced manufacturing and construction of log homes…always on the cutting edge of technology, helping those with a dream to see it become a reality. That is why we have long been recognized as a leader in the log home industry. Ask anyone if they have heard of Lincoln Log Homes. Their positive answers prove the validity of our claims. Product name recognition is a very valuable tool in any marketing program.

Lincoln Logs International has a dedicated professional staff. We understand that we are in the “people business” first and the log home business second. We stress this each day to our people at the home office and then to our dealers. The results are a successful and profitable business for both Lincoln Log Homes and Lincoln Log dealers.

Hands-on Philosophy
As CEO of the company, my office is located at the site of manufacturing and marketing. I am personally involved in the day-to-day operation of the company. At any time, should one of our dealers or customers have a concern or problem, I am immediately made aware of it. A workable plan or solution is drafted and submitted by our staff under my personal direction.

Dealership Opportunity
For those who wish to help others live their dream, we teach a proven dealership oriented marketing plan.

TOGETHER, WE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL. You will find that word repeatedly in our philosophy of sales…the word “together”. I fully understand that without our dealers, and many satisfied retail customers, Lincoln Log Homes would cease to exist. Our success depends on you. That is why I pledge to you my personal support and involvement in your future success as a Lincoln Log Home dealer or log home owner.


Richard B. Shoff, CEO

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Lincoln Logs International, LLC
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